Imagine this, it’s a sunny June day in Krakow. The bars are full with revellers. Terms like pandemic are a thing of the past. Any minute now Euro 2020 (2021) is about to finally kick off. Life is great. You’ve got just one problem. Where can I watch football in Krakow? Don’t worry we can help you find the best sports bar Krakow has to offer.

Sports Bar Krakow
Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Don’t fear, we’ll have you sitting with a cold beer in your hand, cheering on your team in no time. Check out our handy list of the best places to watch football in Krakow. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action.

Best Sports bar Krakow: Old Town

English football club : Sports Bar Krakow

English Football Club
English Football Club: Great to watch football in Krakow

Offering exactly what it says on the tin. This Krakow sports bar in the Old Town has four underground cavern rooms. Each is equipped with either a big screen or several smaller screens. Making match viewing possible from every corner. Perfect to watch football in Krakow. The walls are kitted out with the memorabilia of different English football teams and match commentary is in English. Beer prices are standard for Krakow at around the 10zl mark. They can even serve you a pizza from the bar. What more do you need on a Super Sunday?!

Mikołajska 5

4-4-2: Sports Bar Krakow

This new kid on the Krakow sports bar block. 4-4-2 only opened its doors in December 2019. There are a bunch of screens showing Sky Sports live matches (usually with English commentary). As a Krakow sports bars, this place is a huge hit with both tourists and locals alike come match day. Located only a few minute’s walk from the Krakow main square. Bound to attract big crowds come matchday.

Świętego Tomasza 20, 31-020 Kraków

Bania Luka

Bania Luka is a popular student bar. However it also attracts locals and tourists due to its very cheap prices. A beer here costs just 7zl. They also serve cheap traditional Polish bar snacks like pierogi and Kielbasa sausage. Everyone in Krakow knows Bania Luka! At the bar they mix up just about any flavoured vodka shot you can think of.

In terms of attracting the crowds as a great Krakow sports bar, there are a handful of screens dotted around the place. The main draw though, is the large back room fitted with a huge big screen and ample seating space. Commentary is usually in Polish (most places are). However the atmosphere and the cheap prices will soon make up for that. Anyway, Goaallll is the same in any language right?!

Szewska 13, 31-009 Kraków

Bull Pub Krakow

Watch football in Krakow Sports Bar
Bull Pub: Krakow sports bar- Great to watch football in Krakow

Situated just off the main square, the Bull is particularly popular with Brits on a boozy weekend. Thanks to its handy location close to the Krakow main square. That, and the fact that it has outdoor seating out the front in summer. The pub itself looks more like a London boozer than a usual venue in Krakow. What it lacks in local charm, it makes up for in having excellent facilities for watching football. There are several screens dotted around the place showing Sky Sports. Plus a bigger screen through the back. It can get pretty crowded in here on a weekend. If you’re visiting with mates it might be worth phoning ahead to reserve a table.

Mikołajska 2, 31-027

CK Browar

This large brewery beer hall is a great place for drinks and food in Krakow. They offer beers served in giant tubes fitted with their own taps, so you can pour it yourself. They have a big screen and a few smaller screens making this a fine choice for watching Football in Krakow.

Podwale 6/7, 31-118

Sports bar Krakow: Watch football in Krakow
CK Browar: Great to watch football in Krakow

Best sports bar Krakow: Jewish Quarter

Beer Street: Sports bar Krakow

Those who venture further than Krakow Old Town can be richly rewarded. If you find yourself in Jewish quarter Krakow, there are a plethora of great bars. In amongst these are some great places to watch football in Krakow. None better than unassuming cellar pub Beer street. Which like many venues in Krakow, is a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. Once inside you’ll find several dart boards where you can throw a few arrows while sipping on a cold beer. They have screens showing English Premier league and Champions league football. Various other matches from around Europe get shown too and they are sure to be screening Euro 2020.

Beera Meiselsa 9, 31-063

Watch football in Krakow- Beer Street Krakow
Beer Street: Great Krakow sports bar to watch football and play darts

Bro Pub

Tucked between Krakow castle and Jewish Quarter, Bro Pub is a hidden little gem of a pub. Serving up craft beers and great burgers. However come match day you can also watch the football.

Stradomska 11, 31-603 Kraków

Stara Zajezdnia

This place has a huge outdoor area in summer. For the 2018 Football World Cup it was equipped with a giant outdoor screen. This bar inside an old tram depot is one of Krakow’s most popular summer spots. Kitted out with deck chairs for relaxing in the sun with a cold beer. Stara Zajezdnia is actually a microbrewery serving up its own beers from the longest bar in Krakow. If the big screen returns for Euro 2020 (2021), which we’re sure it will, then this is another great spot for watching football in Krakow. Set up camp for the day and watch the match with your mates in the sunshine.

Świętego Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060 Kraków

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