Krakow Free Walking Tour

Why book a Krakow free walking tour?

Krakow is an enchanting city and was one of the first in the world to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. That means there is plenty to discover. Time and again we hear tourists say they didn’t have time to cover all they had hoped.

City Walks Krakow can help you with that.

A City Walks Krakow tour is the perfect way to discover the magic of Krakow. Anyone can simply wander the streets, but a free tour with our expert guides allows you to delve deeper into what makes Krakow so special, so you can really get to know this amazing city.

On each Krakow Free walking tour, in only a couple of hours with our guides you will cover a whole area of the city, see all there is to see and learn all there is to know. Not just about the history and architecture, but which restaurants to eat in, the best museums to visit and the best places to go for a drink.

How far will I have to walk?

Much of Krakow centre is pedestrianised so if you don’t walk, you probably won’t see much. Each Krakow Free walking tour lasts between 2- 2.5 hours, but you won’t be walking the whole time. Much of the time is spent telling you the great stories of Krakow’s past.

There are plenty of streets and 1000 years worth of history to cover in Krakow. We find it is a lot less walking and much quicker to see the city with the help of our expert guides, than to try to tackle it on your own and end up going in circles! In one day with us, you can cover most of the city.

Will it be a boring history lesson?

No of course not! Our guides only make their money from tips. Which means they work extra hard to be fountains of knowledge and to make the tours as entertaining, funny and informative as possible.

How do I join Krakow free walking tour?

Easy! Reservation for our tours is free. Just follow the link below, book your spot on the tour and we will see you at the meeting point.

Look for the Blue City Walks Krakow umbrellas.