World War Two in Krakow : Jewish Quarter Free Tour

World War Two in Krakow: Jewish Quarter & Krakow Ghetto Free Tour

Welcome to our award-winning World War Two in Krakow: Jewish Quarter & Krakow Ghetto Free Tour!

One of our most interesting and compelling tours takes you to see the 700-year-old history of Jewish Quarter Krakow & the former World War Two Jewish ghetto.

From its roots as an independent Royal City, Kazimierz became the centre of Jewish life in Poland. Learn the history of this fascinating area. Before discovering how it was changed irrevocably by the arrival of World War Two in Krakow.

On this 2.5 hour tour, you will visit the Old Synagogue and the heart of Jewish quarter Krakow. You will learn about historical local figures like Helena Rubenstein. Before turning your attention to World War Two in Krakow. We visit the former Krakow ghetto and the empty chairs holocaust memorial.

We discuss the Nazi occupation, as well as well-known figures like Oskar Schindler. We visit the Krakow ghetto wall and Schindler’s List filming locations.

You will also learn about Kazimierz since the war. We look at how this once-forgotten part of Krakow is now a revived hub of street art and great food.

Your city break isn’t complete without a visit to Jewish Quarter Krakow.​

Meeting Point: In front of St. Mary’s Basilica (Krakow main square)- Rynek Głowny 4.
Time: 15.30 everyday
Duration: 2.5 hours​

Make sure you’re on the right tour. Look for the Blue, City Walks Krakow umbrellas!​

*If you’re running late, look for us at 15.55 around Hamsa restaurant in Kazimierz: (Szeroka 2.)

Jewish Quarter Krakow- Free Walking Tour Highlights

  • Krakow Old Synagogue
  • Remuh Synagogue
  • Schindler’s list film locations
  • Krakow Ghetto
  • Empty Chairs memorial
  • Plac Nowy
  • History of Kazimierz
  • Nazi Invasion
  • World War II in Krakow
  • Ghetto Pharmacy

Meeting Point

Everyday at 15:30 (late meeting point at Hamsa, Szeroka 2)

in front of St.Mary’s Church in Krakow Old Town (Main Square- Rynek Glowny 4)

How Long:
2.5 hours

Look out for our guides with the Blue, City Walks Krakow umbrellas!

Rynek Główny 4, Kraków, Poland