So how do we find the best alternative bars in Krakow?

This is probably the most common question during a city trip. Just to be honest it is even the most annoying question when you’re planning your night. To avoid long searching and ending up in a shitty touristic bar with bad beers, we present you with the best alternative bars in Krakow. With this guide you can impress your friends with a perfect night in Krakow.


This might just be the most popular bar in the Jewish Quarter. A well-deserved the title! Alchemia reminds many people of the books of Narnia. It is a journey to another time supported by the candlelight on the round tables and the unusual pictures hanging on the wall. The bar is a unique place to have some good beers. Beside the beer you should definitely drink a Moscow Mule. You can relax in different rooms while listening to really good music. In addition to this you should check their Facebook-Events. There are many different concerts which you should visit for a small amount of money in the basement of this wonderful bar. Alchemia is well located at the Plac Nowy which gives you an awesome opportunity to enjoy a summer’s night in Krakow. Definitely one of the best alternative bars in Krakow.

Hala Glowny

So if you’re looking for a unique place to have a nice and unforgettable evening in Krakow, you should visit the whole Tobacco Factory. This area contains many bars, restaurants and a club. Especially during the summer time this is the melting point for young people. In the heart of the fancy Tobacco Factory exists a cool bar which creates the atmosphere of an alternative and place-to-be bar. The Hala Glowny has a big selection of beers, cocktails and any other type of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I can just warmly recommend the fresh tapped Indian Pale Ale Beer for every beer lover!

The “hidden” bar

You want to surprise your travel friends with a really special night at a hidden bar? The bar “z ust do ust” which means “from mouth to mouth” is probably the strangest bar in town. According to the Narnia theme you have to enter a toilette to get there. But before entering they challenge you with a quiz to find the place. It definitely worth it to go there! If you enter the place once it isn’t just another bar with some drinks, they also have a various amount of excellent created cocktails.

La Habana

The best Mojito in Europe! As the title obviously gives you the information, this is a Cuban bar which earn the title for sure. As soon as you enter the bar you notice the passion Cuban details of this place. There are two cosy floor where you can spend your night with a Cuba Libre or some other cocktails. Even for the people who aren’t the greatest cocktail lovers, they have a big selection of beers. Just lay back and enjoy the Latino rhythm and the taste of cigars. Most of the people are locals and also the bartenders are super lovely to chat with them.

Have a nice evening and cheers!

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