Seeking the best rooftop bars in Krakow? Look no further!

Great Krakow nightlife can be found in bars and restaurants in every corner of the Old town and Jewish Quarter. But it can get a little crowded. That’s why it’s great to know where to go to escape the hustle. Did someone say Krakow rooftop bar?!

Much like the classic Drifters song of the 1960s, it sounds like you need to go, ‘Up on the roof.’ Time for a run-down of the best rooftop bars in Krakow.

Image source: Metrum Facebook

1. Stary Hotel Sky Bar

Sky Bar’s rooftop terrace in Krakow is quite possibly the best-kept secret in the Old Town. Situated only a stone’s throw from the main square (Rynek Głowny) and overlooking the square itself, the Stary Hotel sky bar offers magnificent views and is a great spot for cocktails in Krakow.

The Sky Bar offers a large terrace and a very classy bar that offers an amazing view of St. Mary’s Basilica and Krakow’s main square. Despite its fantastic location, Sky Bar has plenty of seats and never seems overly crowded.

In fact, there is actually more than one roof terrace, one at the front and one towards the back, so that makes for plenty of seating options. The bar serves up classy cocktails, and there is even a summer restaurant serving food. This isn’t the cheapest drink in Krakow, but considering the view, it could be a lot pricier. Particularly compared to the prices of some rooftop bars in Europe. Anyway, once you’re perched high above the bustling streets with a tasty cocktail in hand, you’ll forget all about that!

During Summer the Sky Bar at Hotel Stary is open 12 pm- 11 pm every day, but bear in mind roof access is usually closed during Winter (except for special occasions).

Address: Szczepańska 5, 31-011

Photo- Sky Bar

2. Vidok (Jubilat Rooftop bar Krakow)

For an unrivalled view of Wawel Castle, there really is no better spot in Krakow than Vidok, a swanky restaurant and bar on the rooftop of the Jubilat shopping arcade by the river.

The panoramic view from the rooftop bar of Vidok allows you to appreciate one of the most famous sights in the city- Krakow Castle on Wawel Hill. Whether you’re watching the sun go down over the Vistula River, or sipping a cold beer on a warm summer’s night; Vidok is the best rooftop bar Krakow has to offer when it comes to a drink with a view of Wawel Castle. The prices here aren’t cheap, but sometimes it’s worth splashing out a little.

From Vidok restaurant, you can also enjoy some wonderful food, meaning that this is a great rooftop bar for a romantic dinner with a view. And if you need more than a great view to perk you up, they serve up alcoholic coffees with Baileys and Amaretto. Great food, a beautiful terrace and a top-floor venue with amazing views of the River Vistula. What more could you ask for?

Address: aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 1, 31-111 Kraków

Image Source: Vidok

3. Metrum (Music Academy rooftop)

Okay, so if Sky Bar isn’t the best-kept secret in Krakow, then this certainly is. Located at the very end of Ulica Tomasza, a few minutes walk from the Krakow main square, lies one of Krakow’s most loved rooftop bars in Krakow— Resto-bar Metrum. Offering tasty food and breathtaking views of the city.

This unique venue is situated on the rooftop of the Krakow Music Academy. Enter the building and walk straight into the foyer. A staircase on your left leads you to the lift doors, ride the lift to the top and voila, one of the best views of Krakow in the city.

There are actually two terraces here, one left and one right as you exit the lift, and both offer a pretty special view of Krakow Old Town. Also, the prices here for food, coffee and cakes, really aren’t too bad considering the view. Mainly because this is technically a cafe for students of the Music academy.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s great, it’s cheap, it’s quick service, so what’s the catch? Well the only downside to Metrum, is that they don’t serve any alcohol. Remember this is a student cafe. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a coffee and a chat with a view of St Mary’s Basilica and all the way to Wawel Castle, then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Open 7 days a week, 9 am- until 8 pm on weekdays and until 6 pm Sat/ Sun. They even serve breakfast. Metrum takes some beating when it comes to the best rooftop bar Krakow has to offer.

Address: Świętego Tomasza 40

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4. Sheraton Grand Hotel Rooftop terrace & lounge bar

The Sheraton Grand Krakow is certainly making the most of its unique riverside location. This majestic rooftop bar in Krakow offers a spectacular view of Wawel Castle and the Vistula River. Watch the sunset come down or treat yourself to a romantic dinner with a view.

Powisle 7, Krakow, 31-101

Source – Sheraton Grand Krakow

5. Hotel Pod Wawelem

There isn’t much to choose from between Vidok & The Sheraton Grand (mentioned above) and the rooftop at Hotel Pod Wawelem. All three are located in a similar location along the same bank of the Vistula River. Vidok however, offers a slightly more panoramic view of Wawel Castle and therefore gets a place higher up on this list.

Located slightly closer to Wawel Castle on the same riverside stretch though, is Hotel Pod Wawelem, offering an almost identical view. Not to be confused with Pod Wawelum, the popular family restaurant situated on the other side of Wawel Castle which serves up central European cuisine and traditional Polish meals in a train-shaped dining car. No, Pod Wawelem is another stylish rooftop bar in Krakow serving up cold drinks and great views.

Address: pl. Na Groblach 2

Hotel Pod Wawelem
Image source: Hotel Pod Wawelem

6.  SIX Roof top – Kazimierz

This hidden Krakow rooftop bar with spectacular views of Wawel Castle and the Wisła River is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. You can gain entry from the street below (Świętego Stanisława 10) by ringing the bell for ‘Kosher Deli.’ Once inside, take the elevator to the 5th floor and walk up to the top floor on level 6. This secret rooftop is one of the Jewish Quarter’s best hidden gems and a peaceful spot to unwind.

There is a small roof terrace that acts as a perfect suntrap, and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere while you sit back and soak up the rays with a few drinks. A secret rooftop bar in Krakow with a desirable location, great drinks and a unique atmosphere, it ticks all the boxes for us!

Address: Świętego Stanisława 10


Situated in the most famous part of the Jewish Quarter, sits the Hotel Rubenstein rooftop bar. The area of Kazimierz is filled with interesting history, and Szeroka was home to the legendary cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubenstein. The venue is one of the best rooftop bars in Krakow and offers great views over Krakow’s Jewish quarter, all the way to Wawel Castle.

Like Rubenstein herself, the bar isn’t cheap (compared to some places in Krakow). However you’re paying for the surroundings—and of course the best view in Kazimierz. The menu includes some tasty options and the terrace offers a peaceful haven from the busy streets below. Particularly on a warm summer night, when you need a moment to relax in peace with a nice cold drink, the Hotel Rubenstein Sky Bar is perfect.

Address: Szeroka 12, 31-053

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Hotel Rubenstein
Image source: Hotel Rubenstein

8. Szklanki

This hidden little gem of a rooftop bar in the middle of Kazimierz is the perfect spot for a catching up with friends on a warm evening. There’s a small rooftop terrace and a cool outdoor conservatory where you can spend the evening drinking and laughing.

Szklanki, quite literally meaning glasses, is brought to you by the same people who run Nowy Kraftowy, one of Krakow’s coolest craft beer bars, just around the corner from here. Continuing the theme of craft beer, Szklanki has a nice range of different APAs, fruity numbers and great dark beers to try. There’s also a tasty pizza menu and a great wine selection. The perfect tipple for drinking under the stars.

Jakuba 1931-057 Kraków Polska

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9. Cafe Szał

Located smack-bang in the middle of the Old Town main square, Cafe Szał is the perfect spot for a coffee with a view of the square. Located on the terrace of the famous Cloth Hall market building, Cafe Szał is a cafe and restaurant offering respite from the busy square below. You can people-watch in a peaceful atmosphere, and leave the busy market below to everyone else.

Serving sandwiches, ice creams, beers and delicious coffee, Cafe Szał is one of the best rooftop bars in Krakow to unwind, and it’s even open into the night, closing in summer at 23:30.

Address: Rynek Główny 3, 31-048 Kraków


Literally translating to ‘Garden on the Roof of Kazimierz,’ this place really couldn’t be more obvious in advertising itself as a Krakow rooftop bar. Most tourists tend to orientate themselves around Krakow Old Town, but those who venture as far as the Jewish quarter, are met with an overwhelming number of great bars and restaurants. So, despite its location and obvious name, this little rooftop bar in the Krakow Jewish quarter sits relatively undiscovered.

Enter through the Jewish Cultural centre. Climb the stairs until you can go no higher and emerge into a peaceful, tranquil roof garden overlooking Plac Nowy. A stark contrast from the bustling street below and the perfect place for escaping the crowds on a sunny afternoon. Enjoy!

Address: Beera Meiselsa 17, 33-332 Kraków

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Ogród na Dachu Kazimierza
Image source: Ogród na Dachu Kazimierza

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