Welcome to Kraków! Before you start exploring you need to find out how to get from Krakow airport to the city centre and to your hotel. Here’s all you need to know: 

Krakow airport- to city centre: Transport Options

Flights to Krakow arrive at Krakow airport (John Paul II: Kraków-Balice International Airport). Which is about 17km outside of the city centre. 

Unless you’ve arranged an airport transfer already, then you have four main options for getting to Krakow centre: Bus, Train, Taxi, and Ride Share (Uber/ Bolt/ Freenow).

Easiest option:  Airport Taxi/ Rideshare app- Uber/ Bolt/ Freenow (45zL/€10 approx: 25 mins)

Cheapest option : Bus (6zl: 60 mins)

Fastest option: Uber/ Bolt or Airport Taxi. (25 mins)

Most expensive option: Kraków Airport Taxis/ Hotel transfer (80zl-100zl) 

Recommended option: Uber or Bolt (we’ll explain why below).

Most Eco-friendly option: Train (12zl- 45 mins: 25 mins once you’re on the train).


How long does it take?

25 mins once you’re on the train. (Around 45-60 minutes with waiting time and added walking either side)

How much does it cost?

12 zloty

Where do I go?

Follow the signs on the floor of the airport from the terminal. They lead you up to the 1st floor where you cross the road bridge and then head down the ramp to the train station platform. 

Where do I get a ticket?

From the automated machines on the platform or from the conductor on the train. 

What do I need to know?

 The Krakow airport train travels directly between Krakow airport and Rynek Glowny (Kraków main station). 

You should get off at this station regardless of where you’re staying. The centre of Kraków is only small and unless you’re staying particularly far away, this will be the closest station. It is closest to where most tourists stay and closest to both Krakow Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. 

Krakow Rynek Glowny (meaning Main square) is located just a short walk from Krakow Old Town. The station is actually part of the main shopping centre- Galeria Krakowska. 

Kraków Rynek Glowny is only a 10-minute walk from Krakow Old Town (see the Krakow airport bus section below for instructions on where to go next). The station is also well connected if you’re getting a connecting tram or bus to your accommodation. 

How often does the Krakow Airport train run?

The train from Kraków Airport to Kraków Old Town runs every half hour (up until around 11.30pm). The journey time to Rynek Glowny is around 25 minutes, with ten minutes needed on either side for walking. If you’re unsure which station is yours, it’s the one where everyone else gets off too! 

Train tickets costs 12zl per person (less than £3/€3). Tickets can be purchased from automated machines in the airport close to the train platform, or from the ticket inspector on the train. 

Train times can be checked on the platform (or here). 

Anything else?

Sometimes there are maintenance works taking place on the train line between Kraków airport and Rynek Glowny. In which case a rail replacement bus, will you take you to and from Krakow airport to the city. 

Tickets can be bought on the bus itself, but be aware you might need coins (see travelling by bus below).

Seems simple enough right? So why did we recommend you travel from Kraków airport by Uber/ Bolt? Read on… 


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

How long does it take?

30 mins

How much does it cost?


Where do I need to go? 

Walk out the main exit of the terminal and cross the first road (which is for drop-offs and airport taxis). You should cross beneath the footbridge running above the road. Wait on the paved area between the first road and the second road, which is about halfway underneath the bridge above you.

Cars enter the airport grounds from the left side of the airport terminal as you exit, so chances are, your driver will pull up on that side. 

What do I need to know? 

So why did we recommend at the start, that you travel by Uber or Bolt instead of the train, if the train is cheaper? 

An Uber/ Bolt costs around 40zl where as the train costs 12zl.

So while there’s a significant difference in price, if you’re travelling in a group of 2 or more, then you’re already paying at least 24zl between you to get the train. And you still have to make your way to your accommodation when you get to Kraków main station.

Where as with Uber/ Bolt you are driven directly. Yes, for two people the cost is around 20zl more than the train, but when you put that into perspective, it’s about £4/€4 between two and saves you any hassle. If you’re travelling in a 3 or 4, it will even be cheaper than travelling by train.

Bolt is sometimes cheaper than Uber, depending on the time of day, but not always and not by much. There is also Freenow for another option.

With a ride-share taxi, you can relax and be driven to your destination without having to wait or walk with your bags.

You also know how much you’re being charged beforehand and you know the route your driver will take. So there is no worry that you might be taken the wrong way or be charged to remortgage the driver’s house!

So for peace of mind that you don’t need to worry, paying that extra 12zl might be worth it. 

And yes, before you say it, too many cars on the road is bad for the environment and the train is more eco-friendly. However, you’re going to spend all weekend making up for it, because the centre of Kraków is only small and perfectly walkable, so now you’ve got no excuse. 😉  

On that note…

Join our Free walking tour: KRAKOW OLD TOWN or KRAKOW JEWISH QUARTER. The best and cheapest way to see the city! 



Source: Krakow Airport Taxis

Airport taxis are the way to go if you want to arrive in style. They cost a bit more, but you’re paying for comfort.

Where do I go?

You can pre-order a taxi from the official Krakow airport taxi company here.

What should I know? 

This is the official airport taxi operator for Krakow airport. There are other taxis stationed out the front of the terminal. You can flag one down or more than likely someone will approach you.

These are more expensive than an Uber/ Bolt but they will be waiting there for you, ready to go. That being said, if you do order an Uber or Bolt from Krakow airport to the Old Town, it will usually arrive very quickly anyway.

The journey from Kraków airport to Kraków centre by taxi, takes around 30 minutes. 

Prices can vary with some charging up to 100zl. You can try to negotiate to try to get it cheaper.

Read practical info including how to get to Auschwitz and the Krakow Salt Mines- GETTING AROUND KRAKOW


How much does it cost?

6zl per person for a single fare (lasting 1 hour)

Where do I find the bus?

Come out of the arrivals hall and exit the terminal. Once outside, turn right and walk along the front of the building until you see the bus stop with 208, 252 & 902 written on it (pictured above).

Where should I get off the bus?

The last stop is Krakow MDA (bus station).

Where do I get a ticket for the bus?

A single journey (1-hour ticket) costs 6zl and takes around 45 minutes. Services 208 & 252 operate between the city and the airport, with the 902 service operating through the night. 

If you’re arriving into Kraków airport at night when there are no trains, or you’re on a budget then the bus is a good money-saving option. 

Be aware drivers don’t take money on buses. There is a ticket machine at the bus stop which takes card payments. You will need to validate your ticket in the little orange box, once you get on the bus.

Alternatively, download Jakdojade which is a great Krakow travel planner app and very helpful for getting around the city. You can purchase tickets directly through the app, using your card. 

Firstly, you buy ‘tokens’ and then these tokens are used as credit when buying tram or bus tickets online. Note- Don’t actually purchase the ticket until you are on the bus because they have a time limit of 1 hour and it will start to tick down! 

Where do I go next?

Walk inside the building to your right, keeping Burger King on your left.

To reach Krakow Old Town from the train bus/station:

Regardless of where your accommodation is, you firstly need to exit the shopping centre building that contains both the train station and the bus station.

Walk directly through the shopping centre for a few minutes until you pass Mcdonald’s on your left and Carrefour on your right. Continue straight ahead, up the stairs, to exit the building.

Depending on how far your accommodation is, you can either walk or jump on a tram from here. Krakow Old Town is only a short walk.

The easiest way to reach it is to walk, keeping the shopping centre building on your left and the tramlines to your right. Walk for 3 minutes until you reach the underpass. Head directly through the underpass.

You will emerge from the underpass on the outskirts of the Old Town, in the Planty Park that surrounds the town. The path leading uphill to the right (left of the stairs), will lead you to the Old Town.

It’s another 5 minutes’ walk to the Krakow main square from here.

To reach Krakow’s Jewish Quarter- Kazimierz from the train/bus station:

Download the Jakdojade travel planner app, mentioned above, for help with trams. A 20-minute tram ticket is usually enough and costs 4zl. This can be purchased through the app or there are ticket machines onboard the trams.

The number 3 tram (heading left as you exit the shopping centre building) runs from outside the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall towards the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz (alight at Miodowa, the 4th stop).


Source: Wikimedia

Some flights to Krakow, land at Katowice airport, which is around 90 minutes away from Krakow.

If you’re flying into Katowice Airport and need to get to Krakow, the best option is to get a bus from one of the dedicated bus companies. 

There is no quick or direct route from Katowice airport to Krakow via public transport. Although there are public buses running between Katowice centre and Kraków. However, you will still need to make your way to the centre of Katowice from the aiport and take a bus from there. 

Alternatively, the simplest option is to book a coach journey online in advance, which runs direct, between Katowice airport and Kraków Rynek MDA (Krakow Bus station). Flixbus offers tickets from Krakow to Katowice airport and back from as low as €5 when booked in advance.

To get to know Krakow and learn the history and culture of the city, join one of our KRAKOW FREE WALKING TOURS or our delicious KRAKOW FOOD AND VODKA TOUR.