One of the most common lines we hear from tourists on our Krakow free walking tours is that they weren’t sure what to expect from the weather in Krakow.

There is a definite thought process among tourists before visiting for the first time, that Poland experiences freezing temperatures all year round. Which certainly isn’t the case.

 That being said, let’s discuss the changing Krakow weather, month by month.

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Winter In Krakow 

Winter in Krakow
Winter in Krakow- Planty Park

Weather in Krakow in January

Okay, so maybe the freezing temperatures in Poland aren’t exactly a misconception. Certainly not for the first months of the year. 

The Krakow weather can get very cold and wet in January. Being 600km inland, the temperature in Krakow can get pretty low. Expect a few centimetres of snow on the ground for most of the month.

January and February in Krakow are the coldest months and the mercury usually doesn’t get much higher than 1 or 2 degrees celsius. The average temperature during the day is a couple of degrees into the minus. Although it can get colder, particularly at night when it drops to an average of around -8 degrees. With an average of 8 hours of daylight per day. 

So if you’re visiting Krakow in January, it’s recommended that you wrap up warm and put on the thermals if you have them. You might also want to look for indoor activities. Check out the best museums in Krakow.

Weather in Krakow in February 

The Krakow weather in February doesn’t get much warmer than it does in January unfortunately. Statistically, rainfall in Krakow is at its lowest point of the year in February. However, snowfall is not uncommon and it can get very cold.

Temperatures in recent years have even fallen as low as -13 degrees at times. Although the average is around 1 or 2 degrees above zero.

The great news is that there aren’t many cities more beautiful in winter than Poland’s Royal city. Taking a stroll through the Krakow Old Town or the Planty park can be one heck of a romantic walk if you’re spending Valentine’s day in Krakow.

As a tourist, if you can bear the cold, visiting Krakow in winter can be a lot quieter and a lot cheaper than at other times of the year. 

If you can time your weekend in Krakow right (late February), you can even experience one of Poland’s most enjoyable traditions- Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday). 

‘Fat Thursday’ in Poland (Tłusty Czwartek), is a  grand tradition and arguably the greatest day in the Polish calendar. It is a day that involves Poles stuffing their faces with hot doughnuts.  

Image source- Dobra Paczkarnia

One of the great things to do in Krakow in winter is to head to the mountains. Skiing is very popular in Poland and much cheaper than in much of Europe.

The Tatra mountains are only 2 hours from Krakow and well worth a visit as some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Poland. 

     Visit Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains 

Zakopane Poland
Poland’s Tatra Mountains perfect to visit in winter

Spring in Krakow

Weather in Krakow in March

Officially, March is the start of spring in Poland. Although, at least for the first two weeks of the month, it might not always feel that way.

In the last few years the Krakow weather in March has seen both snow and cold temperatures, as the last days of winter cling on.

Towards the end of March, the temperature in Krakow usually starts to rise. With an average of between 0 and 7 degrees. Daylight gets up to almost 12 hours per day during March as well.

On average there are around 13 days of rainfall in March in Krakow. However, this can range from a light shower to a complete washout. 

The best thing about visiting Krakow in the colder months is that Polish food is perfect for the cold weather. Pretty much every meal in Poland starts with hot soup.

You can also sip on a grzane wino (hot wine) or a thick hot chocolate. And if all else fails there’s always vodka to warm up the blood!

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The Full Polish Food & Vodka Tour

Weather in Krakow in April  

Visiting Krakow in April or May can be a great time to come for a weekend city break. Flights and hotels are usually cheaper than in summer and it isn’t as crowded. With the exception of Easter weekend

Easter in Poland usually falls in April (or the last week of March) and is one of the most important religious holidays, in what is a very Catholic country. After all, this was the birthplace of Pope John Paul II.

Most shops and businesses are closed on Easter Sunday. However Easter weekend in Poland, sees lots of tourists and Polish nationals descend upon Krakow Old Town.

Not to mention the fun of the nationwide water fight that is the tradition of Śmigus Dyngus. Also known as Wet Monday in Poland, this unusual tradition involves people pouring water on each other on Easter Monday. 

Weatherwise, the temperature in Krakow in April can range between 5 degrees and 15 degrees. There can be some quite warm, sunny days, but you should also expect to need your waterproofs. Rainfall in Krakow in April can be common.

In fact, a common phrase to describe April in Krakow translates to, ‘a little bit of winter and a little bit of summer.’ 

Evenings can still be quite cold, but afternoon temperatures can often be as high as 13 degrees.

Wet Monday | © Augustas Didžgalvis / WikiCommons

Weather in Krakow in May

May is the perfect time to visit Krakow. Temperatures are usually warm, but not too hot and a high average is around 20 degrees. Like with April, the city is still not as busy in May as it gets in summer.

The best way to see Krakow is on foot. May offers the perfect conditions for a walk through the Krakow Old Town or the neighbouring Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz. 

May is also the perfect time of year to hire a bike and ride a little further afield of Krakow Old Town. Tourists can spend the day riding to the Benedictine Abbey of Tyniec, along, the Wisła river.

There are also man-made ‘mounds’ all around Krakow, which offer great views over the city. This includes Krakus mound, which is great to climb while the weather isn’t too hot. 

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Jewish Quarter Krakow Free Walking Tour
The Jewish Quarter Krakow Free walking tour in Kazimierz

Summer in Krakow

Weather in Krakow in June

The answer to tourists wondering if it is always cold in Poland starts to really get answered as Krakow moves into the summer months. June to August are the hottest months in Poland.

June in Krakow is warm and mostly bright. There is still a fair chance of rain showers, but generally speaking, June is a good time to visit Krakow. The temperature is still not as high in June as it gets in July. High temperatures peak in the mid-20s with an average temperature of 16 degrees celsius.  

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The Krakow Street Art and Street Food Tour

Weather in Krakow in July 

The weather in Krakow in July is mostly warm and sunny. Temperatures average between 20-25 degrees. However, it’s not uncommon to see temperatures rise even higher.

Statistically, July is one of the wettest months in Krakow (along with June). That is, in terms of the amount of rain that falls overall during the month. However, this tends to be in short, fast downpours, that usually don’t last too long- leaving the days hot and sunny. Although temperatures can drop to a low of 11 or 12 degrees overnight. 

It should also be pointed out that compared to many hot European countries at this time of year, Krakow doesn’t get nearly as humid as the likes of Spain or Portugal, but can still be sunny and warm most days.

The city is usually full of tourists throughout the summer and by July Krakow’s best rooftop bars and beer gardens are in full swing. There are some great places to have a relaxing drink in the sunshine or hide out from the heat and wait until nightfall and check out some of Krakow’s famous nightlife on The Krakow Crawl or Krakow Boat Party.

Hotel Pod Wawelem rooftop
Photo: Hotel Pod Wawelem, Krakow

Weather in Krakow in August 

Just like in July, the Krakow weather in August is generally hot and sunny. With around 14 hours of daylight per day, the city and surrounding areas are perfect for catching the sun- whether intentional or not. 

Many local Poles head to the beaches on the Baltic sea for summer. Meaning it’s cities like Gdansk in the North of Poland that get the most tourists in August.

Krakow still gets its fair share though, and the city can get busy. Although not as much as some European cities, like Prague or Dubrovnik around the same time of year. 

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds of Krakow Old Town and relax in the August sunshine, then there are several options.

Many tourists don’t realise, but Krakow has its own beaches. Several nearby lakes, as well as national parks, are perfect to visit if you’re spending August in Krakow.  

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Bagry Lake Krakow
July is perfect for swimming in Bagry Lake Krakow

Autumn in Krakow

Popular attractions, like tourists visiting Auschwitz from Krakow, can be a lot quieter (and cheaper) in Autumn and Winter. As opposed to during the spring or summer months that is. In fact, the colder temperatures can make the visit an all the more solemn experience. Although you’ll need to wrap up warm if you do visit Auschwitz in winter.

Weather in Krakow in September

The Krakow weather in September can be ideal for tourists visiting the city; conditions are generally still warm and bright. However, September is much quieter and cheaper than the preceding summer months. 

The temperature in Krakow in September ranges from a high of around 18C during the day and drops to around 8C in the evenings.

The Krakow Salt mines are a great option if you’re looking for things to do in Krakow in September

A visit to the salt mines is entirely underground where the year-round temperature inside is a constant 15 degrees celsius. Which in September, is usually around the same temperature as it is outside.

In the winter months, people are wearing too many layers inside the mines. Whereas in the summer, people enter in shorts and t-shirts and are often chilly. However, the weather conditions outside in Autumn, reflect the temperature inside the mine perfectly.

Krakow Salt Mines
Photo courtesy of

Weather in October in Krakow 

Krakow is beautiful in the Autumn. When the leaves fall into the Planty Park that surrounds Krakow Old Town, the scene is picturesque. The nights start to get chillier and there are some truly wonderful sunsets, with Krakow castle- Wawel, often bathed in an orange, evening glow.

The temperature in October drops a little to an average of between 13 and 5 degrees. Meaning although it’s still quite mild, it is at least time to start thinking about getting that winter coat back out of the wardrobe.  

Of course, Halloween also falls in October. Krakow is one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe and has remained largely unaltered for centuries. It’s no surprise then, that it also has its share of scary spots and haunted houses. Once the dark nights draw in, the city becomes the perfect place for a Krakow ghost tour

Join the Walk With The Dead- Free Krakow Ghost Tour

Krakow ghost tour
The free Krakow Ghost tour- A Walk with the Dead

Weather In November in Krakow

The Krakow weather in November drops a little more than in October but usually manages to stay just above the zero mark. The nights get colder and the days sometimes a little wetter. Average temperatures range from between 8 and 2 degrees. It can start to feel a little chilly. 

Krakow is great to visit pretty much all year round. Although you don’t get the heat of summer or the festivities of the Christmas markets, you can bag yourself a bargain city break, by visiting in between the two. The Krakow weather in November is not quite as cold as in winter, so it can be a great time to visit.

Weather In December in Krakow 

One theme dominates Krakow in December and that is, of course, Christmas! It is cold in Krakow in December. Around 1 or 2 degrees and dropping just below zero at night. However, the mulled wine, hot beer (yeah that’s right!) and Christmas lights, warm the heart. There are few cities more beautiful than Christmas in Krakow.

Rynek Glowny, the main square, is filled with food stalls and the Krakow Christmas markets for all of December. Even though you’ll need to wrap up warm if you’re visiting Krakow in December, the city’s picturesque cobbled streets and vintage restaurants and bars, make it a perfect place for a Christmas getaway. 

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Christmas Markets in Krakow main square