Krakow is a haven for beer drinkers; it’s cheap, the beers are great quality and there are literally hundreds of places to sit sipping on your favourite cold tipple. With so much choice though, it can get a little daunting knowing where to track down the best pint, so here’s a list of the Best Craft Beer bars in Krakow.

House of Beer

House of Beer is a must-visit for any beer lover visiting Krakow. With 21 taps serving a

rotating selection of Polish craft and foreign beers, and a cellar boasting over 250

bottled beers, House of Beer offers exactly what it says on the tin. Located only a few minute’s walk from Krakow’s main square and featuring a huge seating capacity, both upstairs and down, House of Beer is the perfect place to stop off for a tipple.

If you want to try something a little more unusual, ask for the Piwo Grodziskie, a 700 year old, smoked beer that has been brewed in a town close to Poznan, Poland, since 1301. In fact it actually features in the Guide to the World’s best beers and has actually been called the ‘Champagne of Beers’. House of beer doesn’t only stock beer, they have a range of vodkas and spirits available for those non-beer drinkers out there.

Świętego Tomasza 35, 31-027

Ursa Maior

As well as being a well known constellation in the night’s sky, Ursa Maior (Ursa Major) is a small Polish microbrewery from the Bieszczady Mountains, close to the Ukranian border, and they just happen to have their Flagship craft beer bar, located smack bang in the middle of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter. The constellation, known as ‘the Bear’ in Poland, is often clearly visible at night in the area and the landscape surrounding the brewery is known for its wild landscapes and of course bears, so it made sense for this micro-brewery to adopt the Bear as its company logo.

Not only do Ursa Maior serve their own tasty, well-crafted beers, they are also incredibly eco- friendly! So much so, that all of the furniture inside their Kazimierz venue, is made from up-cycled materials. Be sure to notice the bar stools- made from old wooden crates. The menus are made from recycled cardboard and not only that, but several items inside the bar, other than the beers of course, are also up for sale, including paintings on the walls, by local artists.

There are around 21 craft beers (6 on draught) to choose from and they are unique to this venue; you can even get a taster stick to sample a few. Look out for the wonderfully named ‘Commotion in Kazimierz,’ and the American Golden Ale.

Plac Wolnica 10, 31-060 Kraków


Located just across the river from Krakow’s Jewish quarter in the up and coming area of Podgorze, lies Miejscowka, a cool craft beer bar/restaurant/ skateboard shop combo. Here they serve American style sandwiches and cold, locally sourced beers. They have twelve beers on tap for you to choose from and source them all from a local Polish brewery based in Tarnow, just a few hours away from krakow.

Józefińska 4, 30-529

Stara Zajezdnia

Literally meaning ‘Old Tram Depot’, Stara Zajezdnia is actually the oldest tram depot in Poland and actually features on UNESCO’s list of historically important buildings since 1985. Nowadays however, this is a popular Kazimierz drinking spot; particularly in the summer months, thanks to its huge outdoor seating area, packed full with deck-chairs. They even have a giant screen for big sporting events. The huge main hall, contains the longest bar in Krakow, but it’s actually too impractical to open on normal days. The main draw here though, is the selection of beers brewed on site at what is technically now a micro-brewery .

Opened in 2012 the brewery specializes in making beers using high quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and polish hops brought from eastern Poland. The beers here are unique to this bar and aren’t found anywhere else.

Świętego Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060


Craftownia is a stalwart on the Krakow craft beer scene and features a rotating selection of up to ten different taps, so there is always something new to try. They source delicious craft beers from different micro-breweries all over Poland and have gotten quite a name for themselves for doing so, here in Krakow.

Świętego Wawrzyńca 22, 31-060 Kraków

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