One of the most common problems tourists have when visiting our city is uncertainty over tipping in Krakow. With ‘Should I tip in restaurants in Krakow?’ probably one of the most commonly asked questions on our Krakow free tours.

What tourists need is a guide to tipping in Krakow.


Tipping in restaurants in Krakow 

One of the great things about Krakow is it’s much cheaper to visit than many other places around Europe. Compared to the UK, Italy or Scandinavia, tourists can feel like royalty dining in the most expensive restaurants in Krakow. Also, most waiters and waitresses in Krakow usually speak excellent English, so don’t worry that you won’t be understood.

Knowing whether tipping is expected in Krakow, however, can lead to problems. 

In restaurants, you should know that tipping is very common. However it is not expected in the same way as it would be in the USA for instance. Where you would be considered very rude to leave nothing at all. 

When it comes to tipping in Krakow, treat it like you would many other European cities. If the service is good and warrants a tip, then by all means leave something for your server. 

The amount to tip is really up to you. Leaving around 10% of the price of the total bill can be a good guideline. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that Krakow might seem cheap to many tourists, but wages are comparable to the prices. Meaning that your server will likely not be earning much per hour. The average hourly wage for a waiter or waitress in Poland is 18zl per hour- just under €4/ £3.50.

Meaning, if you’ve received great service in a restaurant, it might well make your server’s day to receive a nice tip. Particularly if it’s more than 10% of the bill.

Image source: Metrum Rooftop bar Krakow

How much to tip on a Krakow Free Walking Tour?

If you’ve never taken a free tour before, they’re popular in many cities around the world- and particularly in Krakow. Free walking tours give tourists a great insight into the city they’re visiting and are genuinely free to join. Instead of charging to be on the tour, guests can leave the tour guide a tip to show their gratitude at the end. 

So, now you’re probably wondering ‘how much should I tip the guide on a free walking tour?’ 

The simple answer is, it’s up to you. Unfortunately, there is no 10% guideline to use with free walking tours like there is for tipping in restaurants. This means, judge it on how much fun you’ve had and how good the tour was. Ask yourself, ‘how much would you be happy to have paid for that tour if you were buying a ticket at the start?’ 

That being said, when it comes to tipping on free walking tours in Krakow, most guests tend to leave somewhere between 20-50zl per person. Which works out at between €4-11 or £3.80-£9.50 per person. If you think about it in the way that you’re getting a 2.5-hour tour, with plenty of information, then it’s not too bad at all. 

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So how do free walking tour companies make money?

Free walking tour companies don’t charge guests to join tours. Instead, they make a profit by charging guides a fee from the tips they make. This fee can range depending on the company.

Therefore, your guide is likely to not keep all of the money you tip them. They will donate part of it to the free walking tour company to pay for marketing. 

The good thing about free walking tours the world over, is that the standard is usually very high. After all, you can’t be expected to tip for an awful tour, can you? Meaning the guide will often go the extra mile to make sure their tour is the best it can be. Basically doing everything in their power to work for that tip. 

Should I tip for Taxis in Krakow?

Tipping taxi drivers in Krakow is not common practice. It is usually recommended to arrange a price for your journey that you are happy with beforehand. Of course, if your driver is particularly helpful then by all means leave a little extra, but this isn’t expected. 

If you’re ordering through a ride-sharing app like Bolt or Uber then your journey will probably be a little cheaper than with a regular taxi. You will have the option to leave a tip within the app itself afterwards. Again, if you feel like your driver was friendly and professional, then you can add a little extra. Most apps will usually recommend a tip of 10,15 or 20% and you can choose your amount, or select a custom tip.  

Tipping in Bars in Krakow  

Krakow vodka bar
Krakow nightlife

Krakow has some great and lively nightlife. However, when it comes to tipping in bars in Krakow, it’s not expected. Most bars and pubs will have a tip jar on the bar where you can show your gratitude for a job well done but you won’t be judged harshly if you don’t tip after every drink you buy. 

If you are receiving table service for your drinks, however, then you might want to leave your server something for their effort. Usually, around 10% of the bill should cover it.  

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